The Angel of Compassion

Mike Johnson

The Angel of Compassion is a personal story. Written in a notebook immediately after the event, this
account deals with my experience in Auckland Hospital, 
September, 2013, being diagnosed with cancer of the lung, liver and bowel, and the events which followed.

I will not anticipate the introduction that you will find here. That is part of the story. The manuscript was submitted to the prestigious $10,000 Ashton Wylie award, and was shortlisted for the prize with four other manuscripts.

**We're currently re-mastering the cover for Angel of Compassion, they're not out in print yet - but keep an eye out for this space!**

 New cover by Jenn Rackham

New cover by Jenn Rackham

My brother maintains it is the best thing I have written. Perhaps it is. Here are some more reader reviews:

"A profound and beautiful book that describes a poet’s encounter with a personal health crisis and the medical world he has to negotiate. Unsentimental, but compassionate, the author opens a world where miracles and the mundane sit side by side. Highly recommended." Annette – September 24, 2014
"I couldn’t put it down. What a story, what a journey, what an emotional roller coaster, the ups and downs. At eighteen I became a trainee nurse, I know that hospital so well, as a patient at sixteen and then during training. Most especially I want to thank you for sharing the poems, the writings, the discoveries you made, the insights, the questions, the fears. The pilgrimage you travelled. Thank you for writing and sharing your experiences, and I hope now you are “enjoying life” in Waiheke." Marjory Fern – November 27, 2014