Mike’s new poems – book launch

By Mike Johnson

It’s a real pleasure to be bringing out a new book of poems, and it will be an equal pleasure to see you at the launch. If you want to order a copy, and can’t make it to the launch, please do so now via the Lasavia email. Pie Press, run by the indomitable Sammy Rose Scapens, will do limited print run, so, as they say in adverts, order now and avoid disappointment! I won’t be making the book available online here for a year, part of my deal with Pie Press.

As an added bonus we have jazz musician Jim Langabeer with some imaginative interpretations of some of the poems. Jim and I will do a half-hour performance. Jim will play a variety of reed instruments including a single-holed Maori flute. It’ll be something to remember.

For those who can’t make it to the Waiheke Island launch, there will be an Auckland launch next month, date to be set.


Sample poem:

Eyeglass in Gaza

 the camera will ferret out that telling detail
and linger there, lapping up the mind

 the tree bends to the weight of the wind
the wind follows the bend of the sky

the little girl kneels to pick up a shiny thing
which turns into a frag bomb which explodes

and takes her apart bit by flying bit, holes in the world,
holes in the flesh, holes in the air, holes in the body and blood

 with ice-cream petaled pink or gun-metal grey, the camera
will linger on telling  detail, an empty shoe, perhaps

the scribble of shrapnel on the wall, while the tree
bends to the weight of the wind and the camera

 shifts focus: give us a wide-shot, the wind
following the bend of the sky