Our Team

Mike Johnson

Editor and author

Mike published his first novel with Hard Echo Press in 1986. Since then he has published twelve novels and three books of poetry. Mike founded Lasavia Publishing in 2015. He worked as a lecturer in the Masters of Creative Criting programs both Auckland and AUT University.


Rowan Sylva

Assistant editor and author  

Rowan loves to read historical fiction, politics and science and has peculiar passion for revision. If you send us an email it will be probably Rowan who reads it.



Author, Illustrator and Book Cover Designer

Jenn works with Lasavia as illustrator, book cover designer and jack of all trades regarding illustrations and web design. She also writes fantasy with her debut novel, "A Dash of Belladonna"


Daniela Gast

Internal designer, cover designer, artist and illustrator 

A Berliner with a background in fine art, Daniela loves live performance and walks on the beach.


Odette Singleton-Wards

Proofreader, copy editor and more!

Odette brings to the team her Eagle Eye. She swoops in at the eleventh hour, takes the whole manuscript in with fresh eyes and can see if anything is amiss, giving you time to rectify before going to publication. She can also find spelling and grammatical errors that you didn't even know existed, adding polish to your finished manuscript. 

For more about her services see www.eagleeyeodey.co.nz

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
— Maya Angelou

Irena Tovic

Sometimes writers get so immersed into the story that they find it hard to ‘see’ it. That is where I come in. My job is to look at the plot, themes, characterization, pace, flow and language, and to work closely with the writer to help bring the manuscript to its best possible story.