Michael Ruppert: Lest we forget

By Mike Johnson

I began this climate change blog because of the fundamental realization that man made global warming is the greatest spiritual challenge we face, as individuals, as a culture, as a species. We are now in a situation where we can contemplate our own extinction as a species, write articles and learned papers about it, discuss it in blogs, do an intelligent analysis of the causes of it – everything in fact except stop it.To do that we need a planetary uprising of a massive scale against entrenched greed, and how likely is that?

The suicide of Collapse theorist Michael C Ruppert, who took a Glock 30 .45 caliber pistol and shot himself in the head, came at the same time as our ANZAC weekend. Both a very American death, and one which resonates with all of us who engage with, and attempt to alert everybody to, the unfolding catastrophe. Michael Ruppert gazed unflinchingly into the face of that catastrophe for most of his life, and in the end had to look away. Despite our most intelligent awareness of it, despite all the ongoing warnings, the process of destruction continues unabated – what is there not to despair about?

Those who saw the brilliant documentary, Collapse, would have seen an intense, chain-smoking Ruppert burning away the illusions of our culture as if with his very own life force. An electrifying performance. In the last years he became a full blown Survivalist, and joined forces with Tom Brown who teaches survivalist skills, but in the end he lost hope even in Survivalism.

It takes every ounce of our courage and strength to live in this world with awareness. Forsaking awareness for the ignorance-is-bliss life was not an option to Ruppert, and in the end, living with the reality of it wasn’t either. We have to take care of our truth tellers, our sensitives, our prophets, our visionaries. There is war going on, and Ruppert was a warrior who fell in battle. We can do better than remember him. We canhonour him by living and working within the understanding of the world that eventually killed him.

This is one place we cannot follow you Michael. Farewell and peace.