Fudged Reporting on Death of Sea Lions.

By Mike Johnson

What would you think if, lets say, after a meteor shower one night you heard a radio report next morning saying that ‘puzzling lights’ were seen shooting through the sky? You’d wonder, wouldn’t you? Wonder if you hadn’t wandered into an alternative universe in which nature of shooting stars was not understood.

That’s how I felt when I heard a radio NZ news story claiming that the death of over 900 sea lions along the Californian coast was due to … wait for it… ‘puzzling weather conditions.’

There is nothing mysterious or puzzling about these weather conditions at all. Warmer Pacific waters due to man made global warming are making the making the Sea Lion’s feed source more scarce, they have to travel further for food and pups are starving. Read all about it in this article in the Huffington post and also the Scientific American.

We are at the point where our media will do anything to avoid mentioning the terms global warming or climate change. Watch the duck-shoving over the language used to describe the South Island drought at the moment. It’s a drought that’s not a drought, just a dry spell. And don’t for one minute think that turning off the tap on some Southland irrigation schemes has got anything to do with the long term degradation of the water table due to climate change. Don’t even think it! Whatever you do, don’t connect the dots!

Meanwhile, with the world hottest year on record just past, and this one lining up to be as hot if not hotter, the lie machine, created by the same crowd that lied to you about smoking, is cranking along.