Minke Whale by Deah

By Leah

Deah found two Minke whales washed up dead on Waikawa beach last week on the Kapiti coast. She wrote this poem after finding the second whale.

Minke Whale – Dead

In life she cruised the oceans deep
Sieving time as with the tides.
Awakened, untouched in her element
Fulfilled and for-filling purpose

She looked as Minke looks,
Of fat, length, flippers long, dorsal curved.
Bullet head, baleen filters, grooved throat.
And carrying unborn calf.

She ingested mans dross
For she encountered so few and knew little of their way.
Alive on the waves
Curious of man
And now dead

She died on beach,
Throat clogged.
Bulldozer ripped from element water.
Dragged  with no ceremony
Jaw removed
Unmarked grave
Duveted by dune.
Crisscrossed tracks
Wind to remake her bed.
And long dead.