Warming Photos

By Mike Johnson

It’s hard to photograph a slow, ongoing process. Even a brilliant photo like this is only a still of melting ice

Cracked mudflats from various part of the world are now a common image for global warming, and are a poignant comment. However it still shares the one-off limitation. this is such a good photgraph it’s almost beautiful, like a painting.

This one, a flooded farm in the US, must rank as one of the most effective flood photos of all time, both surreal yet very real.

While its well know that sea-level rise is taking its toll on the East Coast of the US, it’s less well known that California, now suffering from the mother of all droughts, is also suffering sea-level rise.

And here’s a bleak black-and-white, self explanatory.

But the best photos of all are those rare few that can show before and after, go back a hundred years or so. Here’s a beauty from Pederson’s Valley, Alaska. The shot on the left is from the 1930’s, while the shot on the right is from 2005. Notice there is no greenery in the first shot at all.