Writing Tip 22: Poets in your poems  

By Sophia Hardy

I was recently reading New York Pocket Book by Paula Green. I noticed she has 

several poems that referenced other poets; delved into their world, life and legacy. 

‘Emily Dickinson is vanishing before your eyes’ was one my favourites. If you are

looking for a writing idea today, try putting a poet in your poem or read about

the life of a poet you don’t know, they can become characters in your


Here’s one of my poems about William Blake, I had been looking at his portrait of 

Jupiter and reading about how his wife, illiterate at the time their marriage, 

signed her name with an ‘X’. 


Blake’s Jupiter 

When the portrait of Jupiter was wrought

only the storm clouds at the window provided muse

 It was outside 

on a little wooden table 

rain darkened 

weed ridden 

with feathery moss 

to touch beneath her finger tips 


That deep grey day in Albion  

the sky was secretly aflame 

and the god scorched and drenched 

holding power in his creased palms 


It was beneath the table  

where the picked clovers wilted 

and the sun drained into the shade  


Jupiter was hot with rage,

William could hardly contain the raging image 

As his heated metal hands would not be engraved


Beneath the table in the shade 

where willow had fallen 

delicate green 

was a page signed with an X 


Happy writing  

Sophia Hardy